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The NewFriends4U Review will Lead You to Your Perfect Match

A Review of NewFriends4U: Enter the dating scene like a pro with the kind help of NewFriends4U.com. This friendship and romance site has an over a decade's worth of experience and it uses it to give people exactly what they want..

Get Into the Online Dating World with NewFriends4U Review

Enter the dating scene like a pro with the kind help of NewFriends4U.com. This friendship and romance site has an over a decade's worth of experience and it uses it to give people exactly what they want. The communication features, helpful tools and search options are all designed to assist you in your path for finding your ideal match. Singles, married people and even couples can use this service to get to know people who live in their area and end up with the perfect relationship or casual encounter. In this NewFriends4U review you will receive all the information you need regarding costs, membership options and special options. Read through and then start looking around the numerous profiles. Who knows? Your perfect partner could be waiting for you online right now.


The ambitious intent of NewFriends4U is to provide all users with exactly what they're looking for. Why ambitious? Because obviously the many users who sign up for this site are looking for very different things. Nevertheless, this established service is out to do the impossible and judging from members' reactions, it's doing a great job. And you know what? It really doesn't matter what type of a relationship or a casual date you're interested in, because with so many profiles and categories, you should be able to locate what you want and without any special hassle. There are helpful guides to get you started and efficient search tools. Just follow instructions and let the site lead you to where you want to go.


Unlike other online dating sites, NewFriends4U.com is really more of a community than some sleazy-looking date search mechanism. People who are truly interested in love and friendship won't be intimidated by the casual dating sections and the site works very hard to sort out spammers and to delete suspicious profiles. This is a fun place to spend time on a daily basis, and there are lots of fascinating men and women to chat with online. Also, you never feel that you are on your own and at a loss. There are clear instructions and tips and support being offered along every step you make, which obviously means that NewFriends4U is the ideal choice for newcomers to the cyber dating sphere.


The quality of some profiles could do with some serious boost and in general they are very inconsistent. A lot of the time you just run into dull-looking pages with no real information and just a low-quality picture, and the pages lack a personal touch that would certainly come handy when trying to evaluate who you should get in touch with.

Communication Tools and Special Features

NewFriends4Ugives users all the tools they need to get in touch and keep in touch. There's a Favorite list, a Who Likes Me tool, ability to send emails or MSN and 3D virtual chats. You can upload photos and keep track of new members. The advanced search tool is very helpful and if someone annoys you, you can simply block them.

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As soon as you log on you will see a free membership option and you can sign up by following the easy instructions and filling out some details. In order to use the virtual chat rooms or to get in touch with members, you will need to upgrade though and the premium membership costs approximately $27.99 per 3 months, which is only $9.33 per month. The website states that this is really cheaper than going on even just one single date and that this fee only covers costs. While we are sure that this dating site does indeed make a profit, there is still no ignoring the fact that it is incredibly cheap and delivers great results.