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Do I need to pay or give my credit card number in order to use your site?

Using all the information and services offered at is 100% FREE of charge. You do not need to volunteer personal information, to sign up or to give your credit card number in order to gain access to any of the site's sections.

What dating services and information you offer? main functioning is reviewing all the top dating sites on the internet. We bring you up to date information regarding costs, special features and site quality, and leave you to choose what style of online dating fits you the most. Our website does not offer dating services on its own. It is simply a portal that reviews other websites and presents the information collected in a coherent manner.

Is your site safe to use?

Our review site is very safe to use. We value our users' privacy and take many measures to protect it. To learn more about this topic, please visit our Contact Us page.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to ask a question that is not addressed on this page or leave a comment, please use our Contact Us page for details.

What type of sites do you review?

At we choose to review all the best dating sites and top online dating services. We offer information about many mainstream date sites and we continuously add more detailed site reviews.

Is online dating expensive?

There are many websites offering online dating services and they have a very wide price range. However, by a rule of thumb, cost is usually very affordable and it is one of the cheapest and best ways of getting to know people these days.

Do I really have a chance of finding true love through the internet?

You most certainly do. All the dating sites reviewed by are well-establishes and experiences in helping people meet. The categories, profiles and features have all been developed based on past experience and are targeted on helping people communicate and get to know each other. It is really simply a large community of singles who are all looking for serious relationships, and as such it offers many possibilities for people looking for love.

Why should I try online dating?

In our modern age people spend more time at home, and it is becoming harder and harder to meet new people. The internet dating scene is an answer to this problem. By creating a platform for single people to meet each other and chat, it allows you to get in touch with many potential dates you wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. It is a lively and friendly community where men and women of all ages and backgrounds can talk and seek compatible romantic partners.

Are all the profiles I see on the sites real?

All the top dating sites reviewed by are real and reliable websites and the profiles you find online are all of real people.